WOPEC and LOCSU  Maculopathy OCT Interpretation Lecture Series / Training Module

LOCSU in conjunction with WOPEC is presenting a series of lectures on maculopathy and OCT interpretation. FULL DETAILS.  We hope you find the lectures provided are both interesting and useful.

Lecture 1
Anatomy and physiology of the retina (emphasis on the macula)

Lecture 2
An introduction to retinal imaging (using examples of healthy eyes)

Lecture 3
Key features of maculopathy (to include multiple examples and images):

Lecture 4
AMD recognition, classification, and management

Lecture 5
Examples lecture – includes formative assessment with images and cases

To complete this training programme and gain 5 CET points please follow the instructions  below:

A WOPEC Promo Code is needed for the lecture series. It is a unique authorisation code, issued specifically to one person for a particular course or event. Promo codes also activate access to MCQ assessments. Norfolk & Waveney LOC has been issued with 40 Pomo Codes; to get yours please contact: Linda Vernon-Wood at  stating your full name, GOC number and the area you practice in.

For the FULL WOPEC document about distance learning CLICK HERE