Sight Testing

NHS Sight Test - General Ophthalmic Service

General Ophthalmic Services is the contract arrangement under which all Opticians and Optometrists listed will provide NHS Sight Tests. The aim of the examination is to determine the patient's standard of vision for distance and near to assess if it meets a standard expected for their age, or if lenses are needed to achieve that standard. Another very important function is the internal and external examination of the eyes to determine if there are any signs of abnormality that might pose a threat to vision or be a sign of a general health disorder. The Optometrist is often first to see the signs of early cataract, the onset of glaucoma, raised blood pressure and diabetes.

NHS Eye Examinations are free of charge for a large number of people. To find out if you qualify and what proof of eligibility you will need to show to the Optician CLICK HERE.


All Optometrists provide private eye examinations for patients who do not qualify for an NHS sight test. A private examination will include all the elements of an NHS test and often additional, more sophisticated procedures will be offered as well. The charge for a Private Eye Examination will vary from one practice to another. Additional charges may be incurred with the inclusion of specialist tests.